Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I don’t think I can say much that hasn’t been said about this game.  I beat it maybe 3-4 weeks ago, and quite enjoyed the story as well as the the open world.  I did, however, notice that it has something that most games only rarely have for me. 


I booted up my save file a few times since beating it,  and every time I found myself awake until the early morning hours while screwing around with this and that.  I climbed to the tip of Hyrule Castle, explored some areas I hadn’t been to (I had yet to discover any overworld shrine challenges), and did more side quests. I was still mindlessly enjoying myself. 

There are very few games I bother with playing after I beat them (and even less that I start over from the beginning) so this was a pleasant surprise.  Even games like Skyrim, with which many seem to enjoy multiple playthroughs,  hasn’t pulled me back in.   I think that in all of Skyrim’s beauty, there is still a sense of cookie-cutter genericness about everything you’re tasked with outside of the story.  It’s still a great game,  but like 16-bit games of yore where the encounter grind became repetitive later in the game, I began to dread having to go through yet another dungeon.  I haven’t even gone back for DLC content.

So if you enjoyed things like Grand Theft Auto without engaging in the story,  you’ll probably like Zelda: BotW too.

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