“Not Enough” Isn’t Someone Else’s To Decide

In the months leading up the the launch of the Nintendo Switch I noticed a severe lack of original thoughts between pretty much any person/webpage reporting on anything.  One of the most common I found was the notion that there weren’t enough launch titles.   

I cry foul.

To say that there is “enough” of something suggests that there are set standards or limits for such a thing to be based on.  What would be “enough”?   Will a person implode because they don’t have “enough” options?  What is the time frame for enough?   If a person beats or otherwise masters nine games in a week, do they suddenly have nothing to do at all?  Did people’s hands atrophy and fall off once they beat the two N64 games at their (US) launch?   Did the rest of gaming history suddenly vanish in a black hole causing the launch titles of the switch to become the gamer’s sole sustenance?   None of these questions were addressed.

A game console’s launch titles are not like food that you get “enough” of then stop eating.  Sure, an individual can have enough of a game just like they can have enough of a hot dog.   Sometimes it only takes a few bites to be full, or realize it’s something you’re not all that interested in.  Individually everyone is different.  I personally don’t need some review site to tell me if something is enough or not.  Only I can decide that,  for me.   Only I know when I’m full.  That gaming hunger burns eternally whether I’m full or not. 

When I bought my PS2, I had prepurchased most of the launch titles, yet only really played one or two that stuck out to me. Some of these, like Oni and Orphen: Scion of Sorcery, I played for all of the first hour of the game at most.   Others,  like Summoner and TimeSplitters, received a lot more of my attention.   Poor Armored Core 2 I don’t recall ever actually playing (I still hadn’t finished the predecessor on PS1).   Did I enjoy what I played?  Aside from the awful out-of-tune music present in Evergrace, I did.   Was it “enough”?  I was bored pretty quickly,  so no.  Of all the launch titles, there were none that held my attention through the end of the game.  They were just mindless filler until something better came along. 

This is what we do with most things in life.   Find something to pass the time.   If the Switch was the only thing in existence that allowed us to tolerate time spent at home,  alone,  between work, sleep, and eating,  then yes it wouldn’t be “enough”.

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