Under Construction


This is the obligatory “under construction” post and editorial. 

Back in the early days of the internet everyone who was anyone with a interest in computer things dabbled in their own webpage of sorts.  This brought out the bottom-feeding animation and clip art people who tried to sell their poor collection of imagery in an all new manner.  The amount of pixelated 3D renderings being tossed around the world wide web of the 90’s might have put into question the abilities of people to use computers to make anything that looked good.  Thankfully by the end of the 90’s most webpages actually had polish to them, (though some have survived with a 90’s look, for example: Bob Denver’s webpage at http://www.bobdenver.com).  This will be my webpage with hopefully better-than- 90’s content.  I hope some will find it entertaining or useful.

One comment

  1. sconfigurator · March 11, 2016

    90’s sites are retro now.. Having an angelfire of a compuserve website with 10 whole megabytes of space is just awesome. Anyhow. Build this site up! Then get a domain name with server space.. then port all of your LJ and facebook entries over.. content solved!


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